Since 1990-s, we have been cherishing the most ambitious idea to be the authors of an album which would picture the evolution of Georgian script and typography. For Georgia, it was the era of extreme poverty, civil confrontation and uncontrolled crime, but we, the book designers who suffered from the lack of information about Georgian types still founded the Graphic Design Association and began to gather the types and ancient specimens of this written language.

Many organizations supported us in gathering unique materials for the book which would picture the development of Georgian written language from the first paleographic monuments to the newest fonts.

The complex and fascinating process of working together with scientists, type designers, collectors, museums, libraries and archives lasted for years… The famous Georgian author Aka Morchiladze wrote the articles with reference to the expert texts based on the gathered materials.

All the fifteen years of our hard work are gathered in “Georgian Script & Typography. History,
Modern Age“.


Authors of the Project:

Sophia Kintsurashvili (author of the book content) is artist, book designer, illustrator, author, co-founder of Georgian Graphic Design Association and Professor at the Tbilisi State Academy of Art.   www.kintsurashvili.com

Tamaz Varvaridze (designer of the book) is artist, graphic designer, co-founder and President of Georgian Graphic Design Association, Full Professor of Tbilisi State Academy of Arts,  Head of Graphic Department.  www.varvaridze.com

Nana Churghulia is freelance artistbook illustrator and co-founder of Georgian Graphic Design Association.

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